The Unio Esportiva Sant Andreu continues to take steps in its development and growth and, within this international area, sports camps, technical training and specific training for coaches and technicians will be carried out around the world, all under the UESA methodology. UESA goes hand in hand with the Barcelona Boarding School WOSPAC. For more than a year, UESA has been collaborating with the School Football Club academy to carry out sports camps (in summer, Christmas and Easter) and technical training, both for players and goalkeepers.

WOSPAC has more than a decade of experience in the training of young athletes; players who have passed or have been trained at the Europe Boarding Football Academy and who are now successful around the world. UESA’s objective is to be able to use the WOSPAC experience to continue training players, coaches and teams of the entity, so that they can take the colors and the feeling of UESA much further. In the same way that young people who are not part of UESA and want to access this International Club with its own methodology can also do so.

The International School Football Club WOSPAC is located in Barcelona and has excellent facilities and complete services for the athlete to grow and develop in the best conditions. The Residence Club is equipped with the best technology and all the comforts so that a young player does not miss anything from his familiar environment. This Europe Residency is more than guaranteed by hundreds of young people who have had the opportunity to grow in a professional environment at WOSPAC. Besides, one of the attractions that make the Barcelona Residency Football Club special is its cultural diversity, which enriches all the young people and helps them to develop in a healthy environment full of different customs from all over the world.

But the School Club goes much further. This Residence Club organizes stays for teams and groups from all over the world, prepares personal and collective trainings, travels around the world to study methodologies, share its own and recruit young talents, as well as to enhance the level of all its coaches with specific trainings. You will find everything you need in WOSPAC… the Europe Residency, which thanks UESA is one of the best Barcelona Residency Football Club or Spain Residency Football Club that we can find.

The Europe School Football Academy also guarantees a level of studies in the best educational centers in Barcelona, to ensure that young people grow and develop equally in both sport and academics.

For UESA, being a centenary entity, it is an honor to be able to walk together with the Europe School Football Camp WOSPAC and in this way carry the colors of its flag, which not only represent an entity but an entire town since 1909.

Precisely that great club feeling that UESA has maintained for decades and decades has a crucial role in the International Football Club, and even more being a Europe Football Club.

One of the fundamental parts of this internationalization of UESA is its Residency Football Club, which allows young athletes belong to a great club and also have a Football Residency. It is a privilege that a club like UESA has the opportunity to grow and expand internationally, like International Residency Football Club. For the Europe Boarding School Football Club is very important to train players and coaches and to carry the name and values of UESA far away.